Young American Voters

Young American Voters 

Dear User,

Thank you for your support and dedication to our site. Since our founding in the summer of 2007 we helped to educate over 10,000 Americans and registered hundreds more to vote for the first time. We were discussed and viewed across North America and into Europe and hope to have made an impression on you.

"It has been my vision to provide unbiased and easy to understand political information to help educate Americans. The way I see it, if only one person visits the site, registers to vote, and finishes this process feeling better informed and educated, I have been successful.Over the hundreds of hours spent researching and designing this site, one ultimate goal has surfaced. I not only want to help individuals discover the candidates, but I want to prove to ALL of them that their opinion and vote can actually change our country. Please take advantage of this website, use it in your classroom, spread the word through email and word-of-mouth, and help voters rediscover the importance their vote can have in strengthening America."

We look forward to serving as your political avenue for furture elections.

Thank you,

Alexander DiNunzio, Founder

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